Brazilian Economy

They are some so linked areas where the Administrator can act that complex becomes ‘ ‘ descrever’ ‘ one paper for the same; the amount of information that turns around this professional, of which it must select and to catch the ones that will be necessary for its branch of performance is very great. One becomes necessary that the Administrator is on to everything what happens its return, and mainly, that is opened the new information, new technologies and innovations that it will be useful at a coming moment inside of the organization. We can cite the increase of the number of the courses of Administration as example of the influence that the profession comes exerting in the market; this increase consequently increased the number of pupils and professors of the superior level; this increase of pupils will cause an increase of qualified professionals in the work market, since that these absorb the possible maximum of the offered knowledge, generating an improvement of the quality of the management in such a way of how much private public companies. Social projects developed by some Administrators of companies not only generate the approach of the same one with the society as it becomes possible that this has better conditions of life. In the subject Economy, the Administrator assists, among others forms, mainly through the generation of jobs and income, searching to alavancar the resources invested in its company, what he benefits thousand of Brazilians, contributing for the reduction of the marginality and still existing the social exclusion in the country. In short, the way is evident as the administrator influences in the history of Brazil in diverse ways, being all linked they; certainly, this profession has and still it will have not to offer for the growth of Brazil, developing to each day new knowledge and abilities that contribute more for the concretion of a consolidated Brazilian Economy. Bibiographical references CHIAVENATO, Idalberto. Administration in the new times.

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