Administrative Code Failure

Expect a shuttle vehicle allowed on the sidewalk or curb, and go on the road to board it is allowed only after a full stop. In the field of route stops of vehicles are not equipped with raised boarding platforms, allowed to go on the roadway to board the vehicle only after it stops. After the landing should not linger, to release the roadway. Often, pedestrians who are expecting a tram, go to road for a long time until it stops by and pedestrians do not make stops, and cars are worth. Many pedestrians there is a misconception that the inspector dps can not attract them for violating traffic rules and feeling their impunity and behave freely on the roads. Article 12.29 of the Administrative Code Part 1: for violation of a pedestrian or a passenger vehicle traffic rules is punishable as a warning or an administrative fine of two hundred rubles. The driver of the vehicle shall give way to pedestrians: – crossing the carriageway, on unregulated crosswalk. – Going to stop standing in the place-route vehicles, or from it (with side door), if the landing and the landing made from the roadway or from the landing pad, located on it.

– When turning left or right driver must give way to pedestrians crossing the roadway, to which he turns, as well as cyclists, crossing it on a bike path. Article 12.18 of the Administrative Code Failure to comply with traffic rules to give way to pedestrians, cyclists or other road users who use advantage in the movement shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine of $ 800 to $ 1000. But the question is, does resort to administrative punishment? Is it so hard to single traffic participants slow down and stop, pedestrians, others do not linger on the pedestrian crossing and not go on the roadway when it is prohibited by the rules. In September ogibdd St. Petersburg conducts operation "pedestrian transition "in which the inspectors of traffic patrol officers will be more attention paid to the offenses occurred at pedestrian crossings and in the immediate vicinity. Referring to all participants Traffic would like to remind everyone that the motorist becomes a pedestrian to leave the seat of his car, just as many pedestrians, sooner or later sit behind the wheel. Let us respect each other and express is in compliance with traffic regulations. Ivanov av ogibdd propaganda department in Primorsky region.