What if desired candidate for the post no? Take a staff person 'in the street', not setting the level of professionalism – quite dangerous. At the same time apply to the profiled company – at first glance, a little expensive. Let's try to figure out which option is best. Indeed, a professional accountant must be able to just correctly process documents, prepare reports and take it in a timely manner relevant authorities, calculate staff salaries, contact the Tax authority and all sorts of funds, always be aware of changes in legislation. Regardless of how big the company, a specialist in accounting must maintain documentation in due course. Accounting, as a kind of outsourcing, ensure the timely execution of all necessary documents, applying the legal background system and special software packages, such as the "Consultant +" and various versions of "1C". Clear regulation and standardization of all phases of accounting support greatly reduces the possibility of errors and mistakes that can make no exceptions, even the most skilled master.

Taken by the outsourcing, maintenance obligations are not limited to only preparing reports and sending them to the tax authorities. "Remote" accountant is always present during tax audits, if necessary, attaching a tax lawyer, if he is in the state of the firm. In accounting services in addition to keeping records as such, training and payroll taxes and include the registration and registration of the primary documentation. Not every time your accountant firms may give due consideration to all aspects of its hard work, and most importantly – constant monitoring of changes in legislation, which, incidentally, would minimize the likelihood of errors and miscalculations. That will not happen if it is taken for a professional outsourcing firm, where functions of the office hired a specialist clearly marked. Accounting services of such a plan can focus attention on your business, reduce all existing financial risks as well, but not least, reduce costs, have a positive impact on the tax structure of the enterprise. Interaction with profiled accounting firms, the cost will cost about 2 times less expensive than full-time accountant, as the service is not subject to the uniform tax and tax on personal income, while as the returns will be higher due to the experience and professionalism of the "remote" employee.

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